Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello 30's

Well hello there 30’s. I think it’s time to start another chapter in my blog series. I mean after all, now that I’m thirty I’ll undoubtedly be more mature and have much less drama than in my 20’s right? Well let’s hope so. I’m sure I’ll still have a few questionable encounters. Especially since I’ve decided to dabble with online dating again. There are bound to be some interesting stories from my quest for love. Then there is my crazy 4 year old. She definitely keeps me on my toes these days so I’ll try to supply you with advice/help on how to handle the 4 year old monster going on 14. Let’s hope we both survive the next few years. There will also be random How To’s because I’m finally becoming that crafty mom I always despised others for being. Thank you Pinterest & Etsy. My weight loss is still a challenge. I’m down 30 lbs but I’m now at a standstill. No I haven’t hit a plateau. I’ve just been plain lazy and I stopped following my diet. I’ll reflect a little bit on that struggle but I will try to not make this blog strictly about weight loss. It will be a little bit of everything. Hopefully you enjoy it more than my past ones although I’m not sure there will be near as many juicy posts regarding my love life, baby daddy drama or hatred for Mondays. Well maybe a few posts about Mondays. =) Happy reading!

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