Monday, September 22, 2014

My 31st birthday

Talk about a wonderful birthday…

Started if off early by going to dinner with Becki, Varo, Rachel , & Cindy at Salt Lick (Driftwood). On the way back I got a call from one of my closest friends who had just gotten back in town from his trip to Madrid. He happened to be downtown so we decided to stop by on the way back home. I mean. how could I pass on Sunday Funday? =) Had entirely too much to drink but it was a blast. Loved getting to catch up with him and listen to good music at the same time. Monday I was off so Rachel, Becki & I had a girls day that started at the nail salon. Then lunch at Jack Allen’s with my cousin Mandie. Ended the day at Becki’s house laying out by the pool. Absolutely love her property . It’s so peaceful out there. Tuesday was my actual bday. Made it to dinner even though it was pouring and was surprised to see just how many friends showed up to celebrate with me. Spent the following weekend celebrating with Alexis & Brittany all over downtown Austin. Enjoyed Lucy’s Fried Chicken and dressing up when we visited Lucy in Disguise on Congress.. Overall I will say the best birthday I’ve had so far. So thankful to all my friends and family who absolutely spoiled me rotten this year. It feels good to be smiling again.

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