Sunday, December 7, 2014

November 2014 Recap

Here’s a quick run through of November and a few days of December since I dropped the ball on updating my blog….

1) Exposed way too much via Facebook and had to hear about it for a full 24 hours. NEWSFLASH: It’s okay for me to be a sexy mom. I shouldn't have to wear turtlenecks 24/7 right?

 2) Discovered Funyuns again….and shortly after mouthwash. Twice!

3) Oh good old Thanksgiving was not so great this year. I mean don’t get me wrong, I absolutely  LOVED having my aunt & cousins show up but not one of my siblings did. That’s never happened.  We survived but a Thanksgiving without siblings & fried turkey just isn’t Thanksgiving. Yes I said  it, NO FRIED TURKEY. That’s like a staple in Texas. WTF?!?!?   Oh yeah...Mak disguised a turkey into a UT Cheerleader.  See below...

 4) Raked leaves all day long with Makenna & put a rocking chair together for her. Okay the truth….Makenna watched and made more of a mess than helped. Got through 3 bags full and gave up. That was enough yard work for us. As for the chair, it was more of a FAIL than a WIN. Notice the screw I could not get to go in. Yeah...about that…. Next!

 5) Celebrated Emily’s birthday at Somersault. After all, she’s my favorite bartender so not start off with buying her a shot for herself. Stuck with the whole no drinking thing minus these yummy edibles. Um, it doesn't really count, right? I mean my brother swears pot brownies are totally not the same thing as smoking so I think I should be able to get away with one or two of these. Okay maybe three or four but who’s counting.

 6) Played Candyland for 0.54 seconds before realizing Makenna does not like to lose. Total meltdown not once, not twice but three times. So much for that idea. Looks like all sweet & innocent doesn't she? This was taken BEFORE we started the game.

 7) Finally used my Sephora gift card and totally scored on some assume items for Black Friday. Thanks again to my little brother for being smart enough to know you can’t go wrong with makeup. 

8) Grandpa went into the hospital right after my uncle (his son) got out of the hospital. Both with liver issues. His was more severe. After being told 5 different times that it was a stroke & 6 times that it wasn’t I think we've established that it was NOT a stroke (or was it?). He had so much ammonia in his system that it mimicked the signs of a stroke. It’s exhausting trying to get the full story from family members (reason #3 why I need to move closer to them) but eventually he was released. This was him at a party over the weekend. Yes I know, he looks severely pissed off. I don’t blame him though. I’d be the same way if someone dragged me to a party right after being released from the hospital. Poor guy.

 9) First unsolicited penis pic was received for the month with the caption, “Hey beautiful, I was just thinking about you.” Really??? Already deleted the pic so couldn’t tease/torture you guys even if I wanted. Hopefully you don’t really think I’d put that on here. Did you? Dirty dirty minds!

 10) Spent a full 24 hours watching nothing but football. *exaggeration* I like most enjoy a little college ball but never did I think I’d be hooked all day long. Does this mean I can now claim to be one of those girls who LOVES sports? I think so. *changes dating profile now*

 11) Elf on the Shelf joined the Price family. Makenna decided to name her Sally Snowflake. The first night she had a total meltdown due to the rule that you’re not allowed to touch Sally. I had to explain that if she touches her then all her magic will be rubbed off and she won’t be able to fly to the North Pole each night to tell Santa if she’s been Naughty or Nice. Her response, “She’s an elf not a fairy! They don’t fly!” Oh that kid of mine. Nothing can ever be simple. She proceeded to tell me there was also no such thing as magic. Hmmm….that same little angry bird sang a completely different tune when she woke to find Sally had moved and enjoyed a nice little hot cocoa bath. Suddenly she wanted to hear all about this magical elf staying with us until Christmas Eve. Here are a few of the places we've found Sally so far…

 12) Unsolicited penis pic #2 received. And a day later #3. If I didn't respond the first, second, or third time you may want to give up. I will say he has gotten a tad creative with the captions. I’d share but I think he may know the link to my blog. Ooops. He’s probably reading this as we speak. Sorry! 

And now we’re 7 days into December and I couldn't be more excited. This is my favorite month out of the year. Almost done with all my Christmas shopping and it’s not time to finish putting up all the Christmas decor. Happy holidays!

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