Monday, April 20, 2015

Grand Cayman

Our second stop was in Grand Cayman.   We ended up doing a snorkel/stingray excursion directly through the trip.  While I loved it, part of me wishes we would have looked into a private tour  and hopefully had more time when we got back to explore the island a bit before boarding again.  There was a lot of confusion with our drivers to and from the marina where our tour began.  Snorkeling was fun but I didn’t see very many fish while there.  Not sure if it was the location, time of day or what but there wasn’t much to see in the water.  The reef however was beautiful.  I didn’t have a camera but luckily my brother brought his GoPro so we have pics/videos from him.  I will update with those soon.  Stingray City was next and better than I expected.  I probably could have just stayed there for hours.  The stingrays were so sweet.  I was able to hold, feed, and even kiss them.  Talk about an amazing experience.  

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